Commissions, Committees, Boards & Council Committees

Advisory Commissions, Committees & Boards

The City Council creates standing advisory commissions and committees to support the Council by seeking ideas and concerns from the community, researching related matters, and making recommendations to the City Council. Committee members are San Juan Capistrano residents (with one exception), appointed by the City Council, and are required to attend Ethics Training (AB 1234) and Harassment Prevention Training (AB 1661). Commissioners serve two-year terms. Current appointees will serve a term from April 1, 2023, through March 31, 2025.

On occasion, an unscheduled vacancy may occur. The City Council may declare the vacancy and seek applications from residents to fill the vacancy until the end of the originally appointed term.

Committee Descriptions & Membership

The following links provide more detailed information and current membership of each body.

City Council Ad-Hoc Committees

The City Council may create ad-hoc committees on an as-needed basis to study and make recommendations concerning a particular matter. Ad-hoc committees are not permanent in nature and disband when completed with their charge. The City Council has one ad-hoc committees, the Citizens' Bond Oversight Ad-Hoc Committee.

City Council Representation on Outside Agencies

City Council Members represent the City's interest on many regional agencies that are concerned with issues on a broader basis, such as transportation, library services, fire safety, and such. See a List of Current Appointments (PDF).