Citizens' Bond Oversight Ad-Hoc Committee


  • Gerry Gamble, Chair
  • John R. Harper, Vice-Chair
  • Ken Al-Imam, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer and Committee Secretary
  • EJ Constantine
  • David Faultersack
  • Alan Fenning


The Committee, which is comprised of at least five residents, is designed to include individuals with business experience, senior citizens, and knowledgeable professionals in the fields of construction, finance, law, and accounting. Members must be registered voters in San Juan Capistrano. City officials, employees, contractors, and commission or committee members are prohibited from serving on the committee.

The Citizens' Bond Oversight Ad-Hoc Committee will not have decision-making authority, but will review recommendations to the City Council for expenditure of bonds proceeds, and will report on whether such expenditures conform to the purposes stated in Ordinance 940 (Open Space Measure Y - 2008 Election), adopted by the City Council on August 19, 2009. The Committee will also review the audits and reports of expenditures of bond proceeds and will inform the public concerning the same.

On January 18, 2022, the City Council approved the appointment of five Committee Members that will serve until December 31, 2023.