Cultural Heritage Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 4:30 pm
  • 4th Tuesday of every month
  • Council Chamber


  • Ann Ronan, Chair
  • Paul Lopez, Vice Chair
  • Anna Dickinson
  • Jan Siegel
  • Kristina Perrigoue
  • Laura Stokes, Principal Planner and Commission Secretary


The Cultural Heritage Commission acts as an advisory body to the City Council, Planning Commission, City Manager, and other groups in matters related the culture, heritage and history of the City.

Duties of the Cultural Heritage Commission include: 

  • Promote awareness and appreciation for the City's cultural and historical significance through preservation and promotion of traditional folkways associated with the community
  • Encourage sponsorship of community events promoting knowledge of history, culture and traditional folkways of the community and assist organizations to undertake such tasks
  • Compile and maintain lists of property, persons, events and landmarks of cultural or historical significance for City Council review and notify property owners of applicable City requirements
  • Implement studies related to historical, cultural, paleontological, or archaeological matters and make recommendations on related districts
  • Recommend an annual budget including financing of Commission activities and capital projects designed to protect the cultural heritage of the community
  • Investigate availability of funding programs through State and Federal agencies

Other duties as may be assigned by the City Council.

Commission Members are required by State law to file Fair Political Practices Commission Conflict of Interest Statements upon appointment, annually, and upon leaving office.  Membership on the Commission consist of five (5) members, two (2) of whom are not required to be a resident.

Current appointees will serve a term from April 1, 2023, through March 31, 2025.