Service Request

The Public Works Department is responsible for receiving and responding to a variety of maintenance requests for service related to the following elements:

  • Public Streets - lighting, asphalt, curb and gutter, sidewalks, signage, painted lines and symbols, weed abatement, graffiti removal, landscape features and irrigation, debris removal, street sweeping
  • Public Parks - lighting, signage, landscape features and irrigation, play or sports field repairs, fencing, graffiti removal, debris removal
  • City-owned Buildings - lighting, signage, landscape features and irrigation, fencing, graffiti removal, HVAC, plumbing
  • Public Trails and Open Space - signage, grading/erosion, weed abatement, debris removal
  • Public Storm Drain - blockage, damage, debris removal

Please note that any service request correspondence with the City of San Juan Capistrano, along with attachments, may be subject to the California Public Records Act, and therefore may be subject to disclosure unless otherwise exempt.

If you have a request for maintenance for any of these elements, please email us or call 949-443-6337. You may also submit pictures via the same email address. If this is an after-hours situation, please dial 949-443-6337 and follow the instructions. Once a request is made, it will be processed and forwarded to the appropriate division for response and/or follow-up.

If you have a request for maintenance for elements such as water leaks, water meters, fire hydrants, sewer, water runoff, or manhole covers, please call 949-493-1515 and you will be directed to the appropriate water agency.