System Facts & Figures

Wastewater System

•120 miles of pipeline, up to 27-inches in diameter 2 Lift Stations

•J. B. Latham Wastewater Plant - The City's wastewater is processed at the South Orange County Wastewater Authority's (SOCWA) plant located in Dana Point. The City is one of four member agencies that own capacity.

Storm Drain Maintenance

•Includes the maintenance of catch basins, inlets, detention basins, desilting basins, and other drainage infrastructure.

•Crews provide winter preparation, adhere to NPDES standards, and coordinate with the Public Works Department.

•The City maintains storm drains in cooperation with the Orange County Flood Control.

Water System

•14.4 square miles of service area

•11,500 water services

•45 separate zones

•206 miles of water lines; 5,597 valves; 1,712 fire hydrants

•13 potable reservoirs

•9 active booster pump stations

Recycled Water System

•1 Non-potable reservoir

•69 connections

•Recycle conversion plans ongoing

Water Utility Services

•Water well production, treatment, and distribution

•Potable water import, storage, and distribution

•Recycled water import and distribution

•Maintenance of all water facilities including water lines, water meters, fire hydrants, reservoirs, groundwater recovery plant, water wells, and pump stations

•Development plan review

•Design and construction of water facilities through consultants and contract services

•Water conservation programs

Sewer Utility Services

•Collection of wastewater and delivery to the treatment plant

•Development plan review

•Maintenance of all wastewater facilities including wastewater collection lines and wastewater lift stations

•Design and construction of wastewater facilities through consultant and contract services

Storm Drain Maintenance

•Development plan review

•Maintenance of storm drains and retention basins