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Kitchen Food Waste Container Application

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    Free Kitchen Food Waste Container

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    City of San Juan Capistrano residents are eligible to receive a free Kitchen Food Waste Container and an envelope of 10 complimentary Certified BPI compostable bags including a $1.00 off coupon for your next purchase of compostable bags. 


    On January 1, 2022, a new California State law (SB 1383) came into effect that requires all residents and businesses to separate organics such as leftover food and kitchen scraps from the rest of their trash for recycling.  San Juan Capistrano residents began recycling food waste effective July 1, 2020, by including food scraps in their organics/green yard waste cart instead of their garbage container. Collection of organics is weekly on the same day as your garbage and recycling service.


    To help residents get comfortable and make food scrap recycling convenient, the City is offering each San Juan Capistrano household one free, reusable kitchen food waste collection container. The containers are dishwasher safe and fit on or under your countertop.  Your kitchen container food scraps are then emptied into your curbside organics cart.  Please complete this form to reserve your free kitchen food waste container.   Residents may pick up their containers at City Hall, Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  Proof of residency will be required.

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